Reviewing Premises Liabilities With A Slip And Fall Attorney In Canoga Park Nov18


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Reviewing Premises Liabilities With A Slip And Fall Attorney In Canoga Park

In California, premises liabilities apply to a failure to provide visitors a proper duty when the visitors are on the owner’s property. The laws deem the owner negligent if they failed to eliminate the hazard or warn visitors about it. A Slip and Fall attorney in Canoga Park helps victims of premises liabilities.

Were There Warning Signs?

All property owners are required to warn visitors about any hazards on their property. In a commercial setting, the property owner must use warning signs and place them around the hazard. Residential property owners use warning signs to warn visitors about their pets. If warning signs aren’t present around the hazard, the property owner is liable for any injuries.

Did the Owner Know About the Hazard?

When proving a premises liability, the victim must prove that the owner knew about the hazard and failed to take action. Under the circumstances, the hazard is located in an area of the property where it was impossible for the owner not to see it.

Was the Victim Lawfully On the Property?

In a premises liability case, the victim cannot be on or inside the property unlawfully. The victim is required to prove that they had a legal right to be present. For example, in a commercial setting, the accident happened during business hours. On a residential property, the owner invited the victim to their home or the victim was on the property due to the requirements of their job.

What Damages Could the Victim Receive?

Victims who win their case collect economic damages for all financial losses. Medical costs for their injuries are calculated to determine how much the property owner owes the victim. Victims who lost wages during their recovery might receive compensation for the losses.

In California, premises liabilities are proven by showing that the owner was aware of the hazard and failed to correct it. The type of slip and fall accident and the setting in which it happened define what liabilities apply to the owner. Victims of a premises liability contact a Slip And Fall Attorney in Canoga Park through Scott D. Oppenheim Attorneys at Law for an appointment now.

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