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Repairing Brick On A Historic Building

Brick is a very durable material, however if it is not maintained and repaired properly and timely, there may be serious problems.

Why would brick deteriorate?

When you are faced with brick repair in Wilmington, DE it is extremely important to determine the cause. By knowing what has caused the damage it is far easier to solve the problem in such a way that it will prevent a recurrence.

The primary causes for brick deterioration on older buildings is neglect. It is important that routine maintenance be carried out and timely repairs are made. There are numerous problems that can arise, including:

* Decay of the mortar joints as well of the bricks often caused by excessive moisture
* Brick faces will crumble from the constant freeze-thaw action. This is most noticeable on chimneys
* Bulging brickwork which is often caused by the growth of tree roots as well as the incorrect removal of interior walls

How is brick repair carried out?

A lot has to do with the degree of deterioration, when caught early it may only be a matter of re-pointing the joints once the source of the problem has been rectified. Skilled masons can remove existing bricks if there are significant damage to the face, reverse them, and reinstall them.

It is only necessary to replace bricks that are seriously damaged; these bricks can be cut out and replaced. One of the problems with brick repair in Wilmington, DE on older properties is trying to source replica bricks. Once replicas are located they should be laid in exactly the same way as they were when the structure was first built. If closely matching replica bricks cannot be found there are often places on the building which are not visible and bricks can be taken from there.

One thing is for sure, when you need brick repair in Wilmington, DE and the building has significant historic value you will only want to deal with companies that are expert in restoration. You are invited to contact Mara Restoration to discuss your unique needs.