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Renting Salon Suites: 3 Important Tips to Help You Get Started

Renting a salon suite is an effective way to take your styling career to the next level. As a business owner with your own salon suite, you’ll be able to have full control of your brand.

Read on for three tips to help you get started.

Work with a Client List

If you’re planning to go into business for yourself, it’s best to start with a client list. While renting a salon suite will give you the freedom to work on your own, you need to have a loyal list of clients to make your endeavors profitable. Experts recommend having an average of 250 clients before trying to rent salon suites.

Decide Your Prices

Setting your own prices can seem daunting, but it’s the difference between being profitable and not breaking even. If you have a list of clients that are willing to follow you in your efforts to go solo, consider giving them a discount. By rewarding them with lower prices, you’ll be able to count on continued loyalty.

When it comes to taking on new clients, consider raising prices. As you’re in a new space and working on your own, it makes sense to charge more.

Explore Business Management Tools

Utilizing business management tools is an important part of owning any business. It’s important to get a handle on using scheduling and billing apps as you’ll be building your own business from the ground up. Be sure that your new business is integrated online to help your customer’s book appointments easily. Look for an established salon suite rental brand that will have accounting, billing, and marketing apps that are included in your rent, as well as a concierge on site to assist you and your clientele.

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