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Regular Septic Tank Service in Cedar Rapids, IA Prevents Septic System Failures

Homeowners who aren’t connected to a city sewer service are responsible for treating their own household waste. These includes solids and liquids produced when using toilets, sinks, showers and bathtubs, the washing machine, and even the garbage disposal. Drain pipes and sewer lines transport the household waste to the septic tank. The solid waste falls to the bottom of the tank and the liquid waste floats to the top. The septic tank is sized to hold enough waste to give bacteria in the tank time to treat the waste. When the liquid waste reaches a high point in the septic tank, it exits through an outlet pipe.

Regular Septic Tank Service Cedar Rapids IA, is required to keep the septic tank functioning. While bacteria transform the solid waste into cleaner sludge, they do not dissolve it. Therefore, it just sits at the bottom of the tank. Eventually it starts to build up. Every two to three years, this sludge needs to be pumped out. If the homeowner doesn’t hire a pumping service on schedule, the sludge will eventually reach the outlet pipe. As it attempts to exit the system, it will cause extensive and costly damage to the outlet pipes and leaching system. A plumbing contractor will have to dig up the landscape to replace the leaching field pipes. Visit website for more details about the best septic tank services in Cedar Rapids, IA.

The size of the family and the products they use determine the frequency of needed Septic Tank Service Cedar Rapids IA. Frequent use of a garbage disposal increases the amount and types of solid waste in the septic tank. The tank will need to be larger or pumped out more frequently.

Residents should also carefully watch the chemicals that are used in the home. Many of them can kill the bacteria used to treat the waste. This includes chlorine bleach. If this is used to sanitize the toilet or to whiten laundry, the bacteria need several days to repopulate. If the bacteria are allowed to die, then the septic tank could fail.

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