Why Regular Drain Cleaning Is Important

by | Aug 2, 2014 | Plumbing

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Stop for a minute and think of all the different things that end up going down the drains in your home. Of course there is the soapy water from the bath or the shower or the washing machine, along with all the hair, dirt and various product residues. In the kitchen sink and in the bathroom sinks there is dirt, grease, oil, food particles and perhaps even other types of products like old unknown liquids and gels found in various bottles or containers. The problem with all this accumulating in your pipes is the reason that regular drain cleaning is important.

The Problem With Your Pipes

The problem with all types of drain pipes from all your fixtures and appliances is that they are not perfectly smooth inside. There are joints, rough areas and even P-traps that cause the water to slow down and allow sediment and reside to accumulate. Over time hair, solids, dirt and other foreign objects add to that collection, eventually leading to poor draining or a complete stoppage. With regular drain cleaning you keep your pipes flushed out and clean, greatly reducing the risk and associated cost of dealing with a major plumbing problem.

Gravity Drain Cleaning Doesn’t Work

All drain systems in the house are designed to drain by gravity, not through a pressurized system. This means that there is nothing other than the weight of the water to constantly push material out of the pipes. Often only a bit of water is used in the cleaning process that is simply not enough to allow for natural drain cleaning.

Chemical Problems

Some homeowners choose the option to use commercially available drain cleaning products to try to eliminate the build-up before it becomes a problem. The concern with this option is that with even minimal use they can easily begin to eat away at parts of your plumbing system, leading to possible leaks and collapses in the system over time.

Instead, bringing in your plumbing company annually or semi-annually to complete a routine drain cleaning service is the best option. They can use a variety of techniques, including high pressure washing of the pipes, which will not cause the corrosion this is a problem with harsh chemicals. In addition your plumber can also assess your drain system and let you know if any issues need attention that will help keep your system working effectively.

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