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Reasons to Replace a Heat Pump in Bethany Beach DE During the Fall

After a hot summer, most people are glad to turn off their air conditioners and not think about them again until spring. However, that may not be the best choice. Before putting the system away for a long winter, a homeowner should have it inspected by a licensed contractor. Replacing an AC or a Heat Pump in Bethany Beach DE in the fall typically comes with a better outcome than jobs done in the spring or summer. Below are several good reasons to schedule fall HVAC service.

Saving Time and Frustration

By replacing or servicing the system during the fall, the homeowner has time on their side. They get more time to choose the right equipment for their situation instead of simply replacing the old unit with a similar new one. A fall replacement also gives a customer time to find the right contractor for the job; usually, they’re more available and have more time to spend helping with equipment selection.

Getting the Right Equipment and Service

Because there’s more time to plan the installation, customers also get more time to learn about the latest HVAC technology. Much has changed since the current system was put in, and a replacement will undoubtedly come with substantial improvements in efficiency and comfort. Communications, controls, and programmable thermostats are all features worthy of customers’ consideration.

Energy Savings From a High-Efficiency System

Based on survey results, consumers who had time to consider a higher efficiency system were ultimately more satisfied with the quality of the equipment. In the survey, 88% of satisfied respondents discussed high-efficiency alternatives, compared to only 67% of dissatisfied customers, even those who didn’t buy the high-efficiency model.

Get Started Now

On average, HVAC systems are replaced when they’re approximately 15 years old, depending on total runtime and the length of the heating and cooling season. If a Heat Pump in Bethany Beach DE is getting old or showing signs of trouble, it may be wise to do some research and find a contractor who can do a fall installation. Visit Arcticheatandair.com to learn more or call to schedule a no-obligation estimate.

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