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Reasons Seeing a Dentist in Highlands Ranch is Important for People with Missing Teeth

Having missing teeth can be a big problem for many people today. Missing teeth can affect a person’s ability to eat certain foods, speak clearly and smile. These issues can create many uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing situations for the person missing the teeth. In such situations, it can be of great benefit for people with these issues to visit their Dentist in Highlands Ranch to explore what types of treatments can help them with their issues.

Often a dentist will recommend dental implants for a patient who is missing one or more teeth. Implants can be a good option because they can replace one or more teeth or a patient’s complete upper and/or lower teeth. In addition to this flexibility, dental implants also have a more natural look and feel to them than other types of replacement teeth. This can be a great benefit for many patients who are worried about having dental appliances that feel or look unnatural.

Dental implants are designed to closely duplicate a person’s natural teeth. A Dentist in Highlands Ranch will first do preliminary tests to ensure the patient’s jawbone can handle treatments before they will surgically place a metal rod into the patient’s jawbone. This rod is made of a biocompatible material so after a period of months it will fuse to the jawbone and create a foundation, which is solid and steady.

Once the rods are in place, the dentist will have custom designed dental appliances created to look like natural teeth. These appliances can be in the form of crowns, bridges or dentures depending on how extensive the patient’s tooth loss is. Once these are created, they can be permanently adhered to the metal rods in the jaw. This will act in the same way a person’s tooth and tooth root worked together. It creates a natural looking tooth, which is stable and unmoving in the patient’s mouth. This is important as dental appliances, which can move and shift about in the mouth are often responsible for creating discomfort and pain for the patient.

With dental implants, a patient will be able to enjoy the things they may have avoided before. Eating, speaking and smiling will be easy again. This can be of great benefit in a patient’s personal, business and social life. For more info, visit us website.