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Reasons Regular Maintenance from a Company that Handles AC Repair in Greenwood IN is Important

During the hot months of summer, a home’s air conditioning system can be essential for keeping the home at a cool temperature. Most homes today, have air conditioning systems that are installed during the construction of the home. These units are designed to last a good number of years. However, to keep these units running efficiently and for a long time, it is important that the homeowner make sure they are regularly maintained. Often, the best way to accomplish this is by contacting a company that handles AC repair Greenwood IN.

An AC repair company will know the importance of keeping the unit in good repair and many times, they will have preventative maintenance plans that are designed to make sure the unit is kept in good working order through regular maintenance work. This can be important as a unit that is not running properly can not only cause power bills to increase but depending on the type of problem the unit has, it can cause more extensive damage that will be costly to fix.

When a technician who handles AC repair service Greenwood IN comes to a home to perform preventative maintenance one of the main things that he or she will need to do is clean the unit. Air conditioning systems tend to collect a great deal of dirt and other matter. This dirt accumulates in and around the unit, making it run less efficiently. The repair person will generally use a vacuum to remove this matter from the unit. Stiff brushes will be used to clean out grilles and vents so that air can circulate through the unit.

The air filter will also need to be inspected and changed if it is dirty. Since air filters become dirty quickly when the unit is in regular use, homeowners should also check and replace them regularly. This can play an important role in keeping the unit running properly and keeping energy costs lower.

The repair person will also want to check the coils and fins on the units that are housed outside of the home. Since this unit is out in the elements it will need to be cleaned free of the trash, limbs and other debris it collects. The coils will need to be cleaned using water and a coil cleaner. Fins are made of aluminum and bend easily. A soft brush is best for cleaning these elements.