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Reasons for Masonry Waterproofing in Wilmington, DE

Commercial and historical buildings enjoy many benefits as a result of masonry waterproofing in Wilmington, DE. The first is freedom from excess moisture that can cause significant damage throughout the building. Warping of the walls, molding in the insulation and attracting insects and small wildlife are just a few possibilities from moisture.

Save Money

Waterproofing saves money on utility bills because drafts are eliminated. The building is more energy-efficient, so it stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Comfort is increased whether the building is a historical residence or commercial structure. The process is an initial investment but will be offset by continued savings for several years into the future.


Another reason for waterproofing in safety. Preventing moisture, condensation, and water from entering the building will drastically decrease the occurrences of accidents and injuries. Falling on a slippery floor, dropping inventory or equipment, and losing balance will cause injuries. Accidents can easily be caused by the inability to stop quickly or avoid moving furniture like a mail cart or audio/visual equipment stand.

Customized Solutions

Working with historical buildings means each problem needs to be solved with customized solutions. The work required for masonry waterproofing in Wilmington, DE will not be the same from project to project. An experienced company will have masons on staff with the capacity to evaluate the condition of a building, offer options with estimates, and do any preparation work that is required before the renovations or replacements begin.

Beyond Waterproofing

Full masonry services are available beyond waterproofing. Tuckpointing mortar and joints, foundation crack injection systems, and the installation of expansion joint systems are a few examples of award-winning historical restoration work completed by Mara Restoration. Visit the website to view past projects, learn about current work, and discover clever ideas used in specific situations.

The site includes a gallery, a blog section with informative articles, contact information, and a brief form to fill out regarding any work needed. After an initial discussion of problems or desired outcomes for a project, solutions will be created, and estimates for each one presented. Open lines of communication and transparency are maintained throughout the project.