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Reasons for Acquiring a Guardianship Assignment Through Dekalb Attorneys

In Illinois, family members may take steps for protecting someone close to their heart. By taking legal action, they can acquire a guardianship that provides them with the right to make decisions for a minor or another individual. These legal claims enable them to manage the care of the individual and prevent abuse, neglect, or other crimes. The following are the reasons for acquiring a guardianship through Dekalb attorneys.

Minor Children at Risk

Children who are at risk are protected through a guardianship. Under these circumstances, the petitioner must file a motion to acquire this legal assignment. Next, they present evidence of the risk or abuse. Typically, the circumstances of these claims are child abuse, neglect, or domestic violence. They could also include drug and alcohol addiction. The petitioner will need to contact child protective services to file the initial report.

Helping an Incapacitated Adult

Adults who have become incapacitated due to physical injuries or mental disorders need someone to protect their interests. A guardianship assignment enables the petitioner to make medical decisions for the individual. They can also acquire access to the individual’s assets to pay for their expenses.

Legal Guardianship Through a Will

Parents who create guardianship assignments in their will may not prepare fully. While the will provides the assignment, some courts may require a social worker to ensure that this transition is appropriate for the child. They may conduct a home study to determine that the guardian is the most suitable choice for the child.

Reviewing Adoption Procedures

Attorneys can also assist with adoptions. If the legal guardian wants to adopt the child, they must file a petition to acquire this assignment. A social worker must complete a home study for this process as well as conduct a background check to assess risks.

In Illinois, family members take steps to mitigate risks associated with minor children and disabled individuals. These risks could be associated with a biological parent or their current caregiver. The petitioner must present evidence to support their claim and file a formal complaint as well. Petitioners who want to acquire a guardianship should contact Dekalb attorneys or visit  for more information.

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