Be Ready to Refill Your Gym Wipe Dispensers

by | Aug 11, 2014 | Business

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If you’re already using gym wipes in your fitness facility, you’ve taken an important step in helping your clients stay healthy and safe while working out. Gym wipes are handy for keeping all fitness equipment clean and free of viruses like the flu. They’re designed to kill 99 percent of pathogens, which can also include HIV, Salmonella and persistent bacteria.

Use gym wipes on equipment including balls, mats, machines, dumbbells and other surfaces in your facility. Your clients will love the ease and convenience of pulling a wipe from any number of dispensers strategically placed around your facility.

Stay Well-Stocked

Because those clients will come to expect quality wipes, you’ll also need to ensure you have a regular supply of gym wipe refills available. If you run out of wipes and don’t have a ready supply accessible, your clients may be forced to go without. Or worse, forced to use cumbersome spray bottles and paper towels, which can leave lint on your expensive equipment. Fit Wipes, on the other hand, are designed so that they don’t leave lint on your machines.

Bulk Ordering

We make it easy to stay well-stocked with gym wipes by having a number of bulk ordering options. Buy more than 10 boxes and you’ll get free shipping. What’s more, we offer same-day shipping on all orders we receive by 4 pm Eastern Time. So even if you do run out, you won’t have to wait long for your next order to come in the mail.

Our refill rolls of gym wipes are designed to fit perfectly inside the variety of wipe dispensers we offer. Choose from a number of different styles of wipe dispensers, including wall-mounted options, free-standing aluminum or stainless steel trash can combinations and even bucket dispensers.

We’ll be prompt in delivering your refill rolls to you, but because of their size, you may not have to order wipes as often as you might imagine. Each refill roll comes with 800 large, 8-inch by 6-inch wipes. A large size such as that means your clients can use just one wipe at a time instead of having to come back to the dispenser for multiple smaller wipes.

Our gym wipes have been laboratory tested to ensure the highest level of quality and are registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. To know more about gym wipe dispensers, visit

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