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Reach your destination in a couple of hours with cheap domestic flights

Smart travellers have stopped queuing up outside the railway booking office months ahead of their journey date to get a good ticket for their travel to a destination. Some people had to resort to railway ticket booking agents for getting their tickets booked because there was no booking office near their residence. However, these problems have now been sorted with cheap domestic flights. With most cities having airports, you can now fly on low cost airlines to any city- from Ahmedabad to Itanagar!

How to book cheap domestic flights?

Booking a cheap domestic flight is a matter of minutes. All you have to do is log into a website that allows you to book cheap domestic flights. Enter the name of your destination, journey date, number of tickets you want and the class of tickets (economy or business). You will also have to specify if you want one way tickets or round trip ones.

The website will show you the cheap flights available, the name of the carrier, time of flight, duration and whether it is a direct flight or not. Depending on your budget, you can take your pick. To book the ticket, all you need is a debit/credit card or internet banking account. Upon successful booking, you will be sent a confirmation email as well as SMS. If there is a change in flight date, you would be notified of it as well.

Low cost airlines have made it much easier for people to travel. Most of these tickets cost between Rs 4000 to Rs 5000. Moreover, if you are a frequent customer, the airline will send you messages about cheap tickets available within a certain period. You may get tickets to your destination for as low as Rs 3000 even! Apart from booking your tickets, you can also book extra cargo space and your lunch on the sites.

Getting the most out of low cost flights

Booking cheap domestic flights is a matter of minutes and does not require you to sign up on the website. Not only can you get the bookings done from third party travel websites but also the websites belonging to low cost airlines. It would be cheaper for you by Rs 500-600 if you conduct your booking from the official website as service charge is not accrued. Why waste time? Log in and make your booking for a flight to your chosen destination today!