A Quick Guide to Storage for Knoxville Customers Planning a Move

by | Apr 10, 2015 | Moving Services

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If you’re planning a move and think you may need to keep some or all of your belongings in storage until your new place is available, there are many storage options from which to choose. If you are using the services of a professional moving company, you might want to consider what they offer in terms of storage. Knoxville has a number of storage facilities, but you may find that it is more economical and practical to use the moving company’s storage service.

Questions to Ask Before You Sign an Agreement

* How secure is the facility?
* Do they have proper lighting and a security gate?
* What type of alarm system do they have?
* Are there security patrols after hours? How often?
* Does the facility have smoke detectors?
* Are there any sprinklers in case of fire?
* Can I access my belongings? How often?
* What size are the vaults?
* Will I have a key to my storage vault?
* Will all of my possessions fit?
* Will they be wrapped or protected?
* Is there a controlled thermostat?
* Is there proper ventilation in the vaults?
* Are my belongings safe from water or smoke?
* Can I rent space on a month-to-month basis?

If Possible, Ask to see Photos or Visit the Facility in Person
You’ll get a good idea of how well your possessions will be taken care of, once you see the cleanliness of the building and the level of maintenance. You can also tell a great deal about a company when you meet their employees. Does the staff appear to be courteous and helpful? There are a lot of things to consider before putting items in storage. Knoxville customers have different needs and various reasons for storing their possessions. Some may need temporary storage while trying to sell their home. Others may need a place to keep everything before their new home is renovated. Make a list of your needs are and talk to your Knoxville moving professional to see what’s involved, should you decide to include storage in their services.

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