Questions to Ask Your Prospective Attorney in Marietta, GA

by | Jul 10, 2013 | Lawyers

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You should always interview a lawyer before hiring one. This gives the lawyer a chance to see if he or she can handle your case and gives you the chance to see if this lawyer is right for you. Sometimes interviews with an Attorney Marietta GA can be done over the phone, but it’s usually best to interview the lawyer face to face. You can also bring any paperwork pertinent to your case for the lawyer to look at.


You have the right to ask your prospective attorney just how experienced he or she is in handling cases like yours. Also ask how many cases like yours he or she has won. Ask what estimated percentage of cases like yours does the lawyer handle in a year? Also ask if the lawyer has ever had a case go to court. Most legal cases are settled out of court, so do not be shocked if your lawyer has never represented a client in an actual court case.

About Fees

You should never be in any doubt as to how much you owe, when payments are due or what your legal fees are paying for. Lawyers may bill by the hour or bill only after the case is settled. Fees should be reasonable. A more expensive lawyer is not necessarily a better lawyer. Before you go to your consultation, ask the Georgia bar association, State Bar of Georgia, for estimated costs so you can compare them to your prospective lawyer’s fees.

About Your Case

Ask your lawyer if your case will be handled specifically by that lawyer or another lawyer in the firm. There may be more than one lawyer working on your case. You will need contact phone numbers or emails for all of the lawyers working on your case. Also ask the lawyer how he or she would handle your case and if he or she thinks you have a chance to get the case to go your way. Also ask how long the case will take. Lawyers should give estimates and not guarantees for answers. Visit Website of an attorney to set up a consultation.

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