Questions to ask a Realty Company Before Making the Hire

by | Nov 20, 2012 | Business And Finance

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When you are in the market to buy or sell a house or a piece of commercial real estate property, you might automatically feel that you need to find a realty company to help you with the process.  This is a smart decision since a realty company can help you with many different aspects of the search and sale.  However, you will need to make more decisions about the companies themselves before you move forward.  Here are a few questions you will want to ask any realty company you consider hiring before making a deal with them.

First, How long has the company been in business?
There is nothing wrong with a new company that has little experience, but if you want the best, there is value in longevity and experience.  Make sure you find agents that have time to concentrate on you, but also ones that have plenty of experience and training in their background.  You will find their additional knowledge something you cannot put a price tag on as you go through the process.

Second, What is your best marketing plan?
As the buyer, you will want to know how you will search for a new house and how many homes you w ill have to see before you find one you want to buy. You will want to know about your competition on the market and how the realty company will handle multiple offers.  As the seller, you will want to know how the realty company will go about selling your house and whether or not they will advertise and where.  You will want to know about online marketing and whether or not you get the final say on samples that may appear for your property.

Third, Will you provide references?
If the realty company will not hand over references, move on to another company.  Everyone has references and should be willing to share them.  Ask to call or see the references in person and ask those references how they enjoyed their experience with the realty company.  Try to ask as many detailed questions as possible so the answers you get are not always standard and easy.

Fourth, What separates you from the other realty companies?
This question is a great way to find out if the company is on its toes in regards to its competition.  Most clients are looking for the realty company to say something like they are honest, always available by phone or email, friendly, good with communications, great at negotiations, assertive, and other such items.  Decide what is important to you and listen for it as the realty company tries to get your business.

Once you have questioned a few realty companies, with any luck, one of them will stand out as the clear winner for your business.

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