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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

If you own a business, it’s only natural to want it clean and tidy for you and your employees, as well as customers. Cleanliness is a sign of an organized, professional establishment. Be careful, though, about hiring the first commercial cleaning company you come across. Due diligence is needed if you want to have a pleasant experience. Whether you’re looking to hire commercial cleaning services in Melbourne FL or Dallas TX, the standards they uphold should be similar. When interviewing companies, keep these questions in mind:

  • Background checks: It is your right to ensure that the employees or contractors of the cleaning company have background checks. This is particularly important if you own a financial services business, or if they will have access to personal information.

  • Recommendations: Have a look at their website or go online and read testimonials about the company. You can also ask them directly for recommendations from past or present clients.

  • Insurance: Make sure you understand exactly what type of insurance the company has. Are they covered if something of yours gets broken while they’re cleaning?

  • Terms of agreement: Have a detailed list of what’s covered and what isn’t. It’s even better if you give them a list of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly activities. For example, vacuuming the floor may be a daily activity, while buffing and polishing may be a quarterly function.

  • Payment methods and frequency: Payment terms need to be clearly defined and written in the contract. How often will they get paid, in what amount, and how will they be paid? This will avoid confusion and arguments later on.

Commercial cleaning services in Melbourne FL and other areas across the country can keep your office or retail building sparkling clean for your employees and customers. Taking the time to interview several companies before hiring one can save you time and frustration in the future.