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Questions and Answers About Water Damage Restoration

Many homes and businesses are affected by burst pipes or sewage backups that damage their property. If your property suffers water damage, you may have a lot of questions. These are some of the most common questions home and business owners have about the damage and restoration process.

Will my insurance cover the damage?

In most cases, damage from water that originates inside the home or business is covered by insurance. To get coverage for flooding caused by rain or other outdoor events, you may need an additional flood insurance policy.

Can I get rid of the water myself?

Unless you only have a small amount of water in your home or business, it is better to contact a professional. Experienced contractors have powerful, submersible vacuums that can extract the water from your building quickly, reducing the costs of restoration.

How long will it take for my floors to dry after the water is removed?

By opening the windows and doors and using high-velocity fans, your contractor can usually dry your floors within 48 hours. In some cases, dehumidifiers and space heaters may be used to aid in the drying process.

Will I have to replace my carpet?

If your carpeted floors were wet for more than 24 hours, the carpeting will need to be removed and replaced. Mold begins to grow on soft, wet surfaces between 24 and 48 hours of being exposed to water.

What steps will the restoration specialist take to ensure I don’t have a mold problem?

When you hire an experienced contractor to handle your water damage, you can expect them to cut and remove all drywall that was exposed to water for more than 24 hours.

Who can I contact in Wisconsin if my home or business was damaged by flooding?

If you have additional questions or need to hire a restoration specialist, contact Arc Contracting. The qualified team will inspect your property and provide you with a free estimate. For information or to schedule an inspection,

Water damage requires prompt attention. After an interior or natural flooding event, contact a specialist to eliminate the water, remove any threat of mold, and help restore your home or business to pre-flood condition.