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Questions and Answers About Attending an Esthetic Academy

So you’ve made up your mind and you want to attend an esthetic academy. Virginia is home to several different schools and programs, but there are certain things you’ll want to keep in mind no matter where you choose to attend. This list of frequently asked questions will cover some of these concerns and hopefully ease your mind if you’re wondering what exactly to expect. A career in the health/beauty industry can be very rewarding, and skincare is always an in-demand service. You’ve already began making smart career decisions by choosing this rewarding field!

What Will I Study?
Depending on the esthetic academy you choose, the answer to this question will vary. However, most esthetics programs cover a wide range of skincare services and treatments. You’ll learn not only how to treat different types of skin (oily, acne-prone, dry, combination, etc…), but you’ll also receive training on physical anatomy and general sciences. All of these elements will play a pivotal role in safely and effectively operating as an esthetician.

Where Can I Work?
After you’ve completed your training at an esthetic academy, you’ll be qualified to work in a number of places. Most commonly estheticians go on to work in salons or spas where they can perform services like facials, waxing, simple skin treatments and even make-up application. Additionally, special skincare centers are also great places for estheticians to work and generally they’re responsible for more advanced treatments in these locations like laser skincare and hair removal.

Is It Worthwhile?
Working in the health and beauty industry is a wise choice for people both young and old. Because there is always a demand for these services, you’ll have a great sense of job security with various options to choose from in terms of where you’d like to work. Additionally, many esthetic training schools offer great career placement programs that will help you land a position shortly after completing your program. Whether you’re interested in switching careers or you’re a recent high school grad looking to take the next step, learning more about esthetics training could be a decision that takes you down the path to success!

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