Questions and Answers About Implant Dentistry In Nassau County NY May14


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Questions and Answers About Implant Dentistry In Nassau County NY

Dental implant procedures are a preferred option for many individuals who have any number of missing teeth. Although a bit more costly than other solutions, implants are permanent, and they look like a person’s natural teeth. Individuals can read the answers below to important questions about implant dentistry in Nassau County, NY.

How does a dental implant procedure work to replace teeth that are missing?

Dental implants must be surgically positioned into the jawbone, which allows the bone to grow around the implant and permanently anchor it into place. It normally takes the bone a few months to ossify around the implant. Individuals will have to wait until this healing time is finished before the next step of the implant procedure can be performed.

When the ossification process is complete the dentist will then place a post, also referred to as an abutment, on the top of the implant. Next, a crown is secured to the post, and the implant procedure is concluded.

Are there different kinds of dental implant procedures?

There are several different kinds of implant procedures that are performed by a dentist who specializes in implant dentistry in Nassau County, NY. People who have just one or a few missing teeth can get individual dental implants placed in the spaces where their teeth are gone. It’s important that individuals have their missing teeth replaced as soon as possible before their natural teeth begin drifting into the open spaces.

Those who are missing all of their teeth on either the top or bottom are good candidates for a bar attachment denture or a screw-retained the denture. These restorations are also known as implant supported overdentures.

With bar attachment dentures, implants are placed into the jaw, and metal bars are attached to the top of the implants. A person snaps their dentures into place on this bar for a secure fit.

Screw attachment dentures work mainly the same way. However the dentures are secured with screws that rest on the gums. The screws are attached to the implants that are enclosed in the jawbone.

Individuals in Nassau County who want additional information about dental implants should visit This dental office provides various implant dentistry procedures including implant supported overdentures, dental implants, and bone grafting.

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