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What Is The Purpose Of LED Light Therapy?

I have often wondered if we use acronyms as a sub-conscious desire to hide the fact that we don’t really understand something. Take LED for example; I know that it stands for “light emitting diode”; light emitting I understand; for example; when I switch on my LED TV; or look at the LED screen on my computer; or even use the gadgety LED flashlight on my key ring – light comes out so that I can see something. Presumably the light is emitted from this thing called a diode – whatever that may be.

When my best friend called up and invited me to join her at our favourite spa so that we could tryout their latest LED Light Therapy; I thought “enough is enough” Surely she can not mean that the LED screen on my smart phone will get treated while I lay back and relax in the hot tub?

The Meaning Of LED

An internet search informed me that the “Brits” discovered the principle at the turn of the last century and that it, basically, involves electroluminescence. However, it wasn’t until the 1960’s that LED’s started to enter our lives. Previous ways of emitting light relied on heat – hence the term “incandescent light sources”; an LED uses semiconductors and emits energy in the form of light waves of high brightness across both visible and invisible (infrared and ultraviolet) wavelengths. Changes in wavelength result in different colors for the light.

How Does This Fit In With Therapy At A Spa?

Before suntan became a cancer scare, I used to enjoy a session under the sun-lamps which I guess could be called “light therapy” from an ultra-violet light source. Changing the light source to LED’s should be much of the same thing and is probably where this LED Light Therapy thing is coming from.

Anyway, I went with my friend and gave it a try. My introduction to LED Light Therapy was, dare I say, “illuminating”. It’s a gentle process whereby light energy of different colors is directed onto my skin through to the underlying tissues. Unlike the old sun-lamps; this energy is targeted to specific zones and not simply played over my whole body. In basic form, this helps the skin cell’s renewing process and improves cell function; resulting in an overall “feel good” effect. I am also informed that LED Light Therapy can treat a number of unsightly skin disorders and can even be used to reduce cellulite and relieve body pain. I have booked myself in for further treatment sessions.