Protect Friends & Family With Proper Pool Safety Equipment

by | Aug 6, 2013 | Home and Garden

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Responsible pool owners never take for granted the dangers that their pool poses to small children and adults alike. Even the best of swimmers can be involved in a non-pool related accident that ultimately ends up with a person falling in a pool and drowning. Pool safety equipment is an integral part of pool ownership and no expense should be spared when it comes to pool safety.

Pool safety equipment typically consists of flotation devices and pool safety hooks. The pool safety line ring is probably the most common piece of pool safety equipment however, are rarely used in private pool settings where someone is more likely to enter the water and perform a personal save than to toss a floatation device to a drowning victim to keep them afloat. However, the safety line ring does serve a purpose as there are instances where the only person available to render assistance may be a small child or a person that is unable to swim in which case tossing the troubled individual a safety line ring would be the only option. The pool safety hook is also another rarely used but incredibly important piece of pool safety equipment. The pool safety hook provides a means for someone to provide assistance from a standoff distance without having to enter the pool. Responsible pool owners keep a pool safety hook easily accessible and in eye sight of the pool.

One of the latest additions to private pool safety equipment is the pool alarm. An innovative device that detects underwater disturbances similar to that of a small child, the pool alarm mounts in the side of the pool and quietly monitors the unused pool. These devices are able to discern the difference between ripples and small waves that are caused by the wind as well as very small objects such as leaves, bugs and rodents that may fall below the water’s surface. Most of these devices are designed to detect underwater movement of objects roughly the size of a 15 pound or larger person and are a real must have piece of pool safety equipment for anyone that has even the remotest possibility of small children being able to gain access to their pool.


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