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Protect Your Famly From Unexpected Attacks by Fire Ants in Fayetteville, AR

One of the most common household invaders around today is the simple worker ant. In most cases these insects are merely a nuisance and are searching throughout your home or yard for a supply of food. In fact, most people rarely notice these insects until they see a line of ants attempting to carry their new found food back to the colony. Surprisingly, the ant can actually perform a valuable service by eliminating many dead insects and small animals from your property, yet most people still consider them a problem. Part of this is because of the colonies they create and how they affect the look of your yard. Another aspect of ant problems is mostly psychological. Many people feel that because the ant is an insect it has to go.

Of course not all ants are benign with some species being overly aggressive and others becoming a hazard to our food crops and livestock. One of these problem species is the red, imported fire ant also known as Fire Ants in Fayetteville, AR. It is believed that this aggressive species of ant was accidentally imported from South America with a shipment of soil. Since then they have migrated to many states and created a variety of problems. For instance, they have managed to displace several native ant species in various environments and are becoming a growing threat for farms with poultry.

The biggest problem for some people is the bite of this ant. In ordinary cases the ant bite causes a welt or small infection where the venom is injected. Unfortunately, some people are allergic to the venom of a fire ant and could slip into anaphylactic shock. Even worse, this species of ant is very aggressive when defending it’s colony. An accidental disruption of the ant hill could lead to a quick swarm of hundreds of ants all biting at the same time.

Fire Ants in Fayetteville, AR have a painful bite on an adult, but even worse they can attack your child without warning. This is why it’s important to ensure your yard is free from this dangerous problem. Children react quicker to venom injections and because children are physically smaller than adults any swarm of fire ants could severely injure them or worse. With this in mind it is easy to see why you should Choose Command Pest Control to eliminate this potential threat.