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Sharing a soft summer evening in your yard with friends can be a great time for making some special memories. Getting your yard in shape for the get-together is not nearly as enjoyable, with mowing, trimming, edging and weeding. Yard work is not a recreational activity; it’s a lot of hard work on a hot summer day. You do have alternatives, though, because there are professionals who specialize in lawn care in Nazareth PA and they can take the burden off of your shoulders and still allow you to enjoy that beautiful yard with your friends. A free estimate of what they can do for you is only a phone call away.

Once the Lawn Care experts get done with your yard, it will be the envy of the neighborhood. Their services are comprehensive, so that no aspect of lawn care gets overlooked. And just getting your lawn looking good isn’t enough. They will set up a regular maintenance schedule to make sure that your property retains that professional look all through the year. In addition to the mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing, they will take care of seeding those bare spots, fertilizing, aerating, and controlling both weeds and insects.

All of this is just a sample of what professional Lawn Care in Nazareth, PA can do for you and your home. They can work with you to design and install a landscaping plan that will complement your home and add to its curb appeal. There have actually been studies that show that having a professionally landscaped yard can add as much as 20% to the value of a home. That’s what you call a return on your investment. To keep your landscape looking fresh they can do pruning of trees, add mulch, and keep the shrubberies looking well- shaped.

The lawn care experts at Sunlight Water & Us have been satisfying Nazareth, PA residents with their skills and handiwork for over 20 years, and they’ve done it by providing a wide variety of services, done by trained professionals, at reasonable rates. Talk to one of their experts about what services they can offer you, then forget the yard work and enjoy your beautiful-looking yard.

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