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Why Professionals Should Care for Chimneys on Long Island

Many Long Island homeowners enjoy the beauty and warmth of a real fireplace each winter. Most of them also rely on the services of professional chimney sweeps, such as Ageless Chimney, Inc., to care for Chimneys on Long Island. They know that these experts offer a range of important services that include:

1. CLEANING:  Over time creosote and other residue can accumulate in chimneys, causing debris to accumulate in the home. In addition, the build up of creosote is responsible for more than 40,000 house fires each year. Trained professionals use specialized techniques that can clean chimneys on Long Island. They will perform boiler chimney cleaning as well as fireplace cleaning. Both procedures include using a wire or Teflon brush to scour the length of the flue. Experts use high-powered vacuums during these procedures, to prevent soot or debris from settling on interior home surfaces. During boiler chimney cleaning, they work down to the boiler room, to the chimney’s base. In the process, technicians use lights and cameras, to ensure that they have eliminated the soot and other materials that can cause chimneys to deteriorate.

2. MASONRY WORK:  Professional chimney sweeps also offer expert brick and stone installation and repair services. They provide a range of options that include laying brick and installing brick veneer. Technicians will repair one loose stone, or build an entire fireplace from scratch. They can install stone veneer, concrete driveways, and paver driveways and patios. Experts are trained to repair the mortar joints that can deteriorate over time. The professionals at Ageless Chimney, Inc. also provide a gallery at their website, and clients can choose the Click Here option to view examples of completed masonry jobs.

3. RESTORATION:  Chimney professionals can restore old chimneys to like-new condition, and protect them. They provide chimney re-flashing, concrete crowns, chimney liners, and caps. Liners can revitalize older chimneys that have decaying mortar and flue pipes. Lining not only extends the life of the chimney, but protects the home’s inhabitants from dangerous soot or carbon monoxide that can back up as a result of rotted or cracked terracotta flue pipes.

Professionals can clean chimneys, to keep them free of debris build ups. In addition, they can do a variety of masonry work. Experts also offer repair and restoration services that extend the lives of chimneys, and keep them safe.