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There Is Professional Turf Care In McLean VA

When a new home or commercial building is constructed, the landscape often gets an instant boost with the installation of turf. This instant lawn gives the building site a finished look in much less time than planting grass seed would. But, this sod will not survive if it is not properly cared for. Now some turf companies offer Turf Care in McLean VA. There are different types and grades of turf available at different prices.

The Turf Blend

One of the best types of turf available is a turf blend. Turf blends can be made up of three fescues and one one bluegrass that are grown to meet the University of MD. and VA. Tech. standards for certification. A blend is good for use in many different areas. It will take much different weathers and climate conditions. This medium blade grass can look good with less intense fertilizing programs and has shade tolerance and a dark green color.

Fine Fescue Sod

This sod is all fescue and is designed for lawns where there is more shade such as lawns with mature trees. The grass blades are thick and soft on bare feet. It is great for golf courses and lawns with no-mow areas and poor soil conditions. It needs the drier, well-drained soil and soil that is less organic. It does not like wet areas. It does not do well in high traffic areas or in over irrigated lawns. For applications with more moisture, bright sun, and lots of foot traffic, a regular, medium fescue grass is recommended.

What Is Netting?

Some sod growers use a netting as a harvest aid to grow sod faster. The field is seeded, and then a plastic mesh is rolled onto the field. The seed germinates and grows for nine months, and then the grower can harvest it because the plastic mesh holds the immature roots in place. This netting does not break down very fast, so a lawn planted with this type of sod will be harder to work with.

This type of sod is not good for athletic fields or yards with dogs. Digging into a netted lawn is harder because of the mesh. Also, the sod is not as mature when installed, so it can be more easily stressed. Mature, non-netted sod is preferred. This newly installed sod needs Turf Care in McLean VA. Get more information on the website.