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Professional Teeth Whitening Options In Kona

A great way to brighten your smile and invigorate your overall look without breaking the bank is to invest in a professional teeth whitening session with a cosmetic dentist. Statistics show that over 98% of adults find that a healthy looking radiant smile makes a person more attractive. Most people admit that a gorgeous smile helps a persons chance of acquiring a job and even furthering an already established career. Who knew something as simple as a bright smile could mean so much to so many?

The best candidates for Teeth Whitening in Kona are those that have surface discoloration or yellowed teeth. Also the considering patient must realize that teeth whitening is neither instant, predictable, nor permanent. It is important to remember that smoking and drinking things such as teas, red wines and coffee will be able to restain your teeth even after you have had them whitened.

Something that patients with sensitive teeth and gums will want to remember is that many Teeth Whitening Kona procedures can increase your sensitivity and these patients may want to look into other options. Some of the options available to you that are suitable for patients with sensitive teeth include dental bonding, porcelain veneers and dental crowns. These alternatives are definitely viable options however they do tend to be more invasive and more costly.

Why you should consider a professional cosmetic dentist to whiten your teeth versus trying to whiten your teeth at home. The most important reason of course, is safety. Even though the substances used at a dental office may be significantly stronger than what you would use at home a professional knows how to protect your gums and mouth from these stronger agents. The buffers used in professional gels can actually brighten your teeth up to ten shades in just one easy hour long visit. Also if any tooth sensitivity does arise after your procedure a professional cosmetic dentist will know how to best deal with those sensitivities.

Before deciding on the best Teeth Whitening Kona option for your teeth you should really consult with a dental professional, they will be able to assist you in choosing the best technique for your teeth and for the results that you desire. To know more Click here.