Professional Roof Cleaning Services: Your Roof Might Be Dirtier Than First Suspected

Many residential homes, commercial businesses, and industrial sites enjoy the outer landscapes of their buildings because they are made to look inviting. However, many people forget about their roofs and when a roof is neglected it can lead to many different and damaging problems. Neglecting to keep the roof clean will deteriorate the roofing material, which will eventually lead to expensive repairs. Fungus bacteria, like black algae, likes to grow on a roof and generally thrives under continued sun rays and wherever damp areas remain. The fungi can feed on the fillers located within shingles and the algae spores can be carried by the wind to other roof tops. Black algae is a slow growing bacteria, thus it begins accumulating for long periods on roof shingles.

Additional factors which can cause roof damage are plant life debris in the form of tree leaves, moss, lichens, and other foliage. These plant debris properties also cause staining which is a common problem on low pitched roofs with nearby trees. The plant debris collects together, retaining moisture, where algae and fungus begins to grow, and which can eventually cause leaks within the roofing material. Another problem includes black streaking which is caused by the bleed through of the bituminous material made from asphalt shingles, shakes, and tiles. This causes the shingles to break down and will eventually need to be replaced. Other factors which can damage roofs are webs, birds, and bug nests. Using the right cleaning solutions from a roof cleaning service creates a healthier and more beautiful living environment.

A professional roof cleaning company will know many preventative measures to keep roofs clean. These roof cleaning methods can keep a roof in good condition which will also save a homeowner, or a business owner, from expensive repair costs. Roofing is a very important focus of any building and even though owners want them to last forever without help, good maintenance is a must. A well maintained roof keeps the value of a building at a high premium. Also, roof cleaning services help to improve the energy efficiency of the building, makes it more aesthetic, and healthier for families and employees.

A professional roof cleaning service in Howard County MD has the tools and cleaning solutions needed to get the job done right, they’ll also match the type of roofing material which exists and the type of infestation which has occurred. Certain cleaning methods include power washing, sodium hydroxide, chlorine bleach, a combination of lemon juice and salt, as well as new and improved organic roof cleaning solutions. If you’re located near Howard County MD, roof cleaning services by Affordable Pressure Wash Solutions has the professional solutions you’ve been looking for.

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