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Professional Dent Repair in Stephens City, VA

The material that many vehicles are made from is meant to be pliable and easily fixed with touch-up paint. However, there are times when a do-it-yourself repair is not an option. An example of when you may need the help of a professional to fix your vehicle is if a heavy object makes a dent in your vehicle. Another example is if you hit an object that makes a hole in your vehicle. You many need professional services also if your vehicle gets damaged from permanent paint accidentally.

To make many of these repairs requires the removal of the panel that is damaged. The panel is treated with special chemicals, repaired through use of various tools, repainted and replaced to the original position on the vehicle. This process depends on the extent of the damage and can take up to a month is some circumstances. There are other methods to repair damage that do not require the removal of the panel and can be completed in a quicker time frame than the regular process. Although the alternate method may be easier and quicker, it requires special training and certification to be performed properly.

If you are looking for a company that offers the latest advances of dent repair in Stephens City VA, you can visit patriotcollisioncenter.net and browse the various services to help repair your vehicle. In addition to providing excellent services to the community for over forty years, the company invests valuable training in each technician so that each customer receives the highest quality of services at every visit. The technicians are certified in: color restoration, frame repair, fender repair and the latest technology of paintless dent repair.

Every customer receives a free estimate and accurate time for completion on any of the services requested. The estimates allow you to determine which repair method fits your budget and time the best. If your vehicle in in need of major dent repair in Stephens City VA, the collision area of the company can arrange for a tow and other roadside services. The customer service hotline allows you to check on your vehicle when you are not able to make it to the facility.