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Professional CPA in Denver

A certified professional accountant, also known as a CPA, has met all the state licensing requirements to earn the CPA certification. In most states, a CPA must have gone to formal training such as secondary school and passed the CPA certification exam.

Before hiring a professional CPA in Denver, ensure that they have a current and valid certification, such as those who are employed with Mueller Accounting and Tax Services have.

A CPA: The Services They Provide

It is important to understand that all CPAs are accountants. On the other hand, not all accountants are CPAs. CPAs offer a higher level of services and are not limited to one sector of industry.

For example, a CPA in Denver may provide consulting services, financial planning, and even litigation advice. CPAs will often provide auditing of the books (financial documents of the company) and tax preparation.

Why Hire a CPA?

Hiring a CPA can save you a lot of money in the long run. The most common issue that new and small businesses face is financial issues. CPAs will offer services all year long including tax preparation and documentation needed for taxes and audits, as well as strategic financial planning to ensure that your company is aiming for success.

As a business grows, taxes become more and more complicated. CPAs have a vast knowledge of how to prepare taxes and ensure that no issues arise with the IRS. A CPA in Denver will also assist you if the IRS needs more information or wants to investigate.