Professional Bail Bondmen Ride the Old Ball and Chain

by | Dec 24, 2013 | Bail Bonds

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Being charged with a crime and staying in jail are horrendous and frightening experiences for most. However, learning how to work the system of jail will help lessen the trauma. When charged with a crime, bail is typically posted. While this term may be familiar, its definition may not; bail is the temporary release of an accused person that is waiting to go to trial. Typically, a sum of money is posted to guarantee the person’s appearance in court. To assure the client will appear, a third party must choose a bail bondman who acts as a surety and pledges money and/or property for the appearance in court. Knowing how to choose the most appropriate bondsman for any situation is exceedingly important.

When trying to find Professional Bail Bondmen, one must first gather a list of the local bail bonding agencies. To draw up a list, the defendant can inquire at the court or the jail about the top companies in the area. One can also look through online or in-print directories. One can also check the Better Business Bureau files or court records for agencies. After finding an agency that fits the budget, one must ask a few questions. The most important question is whether the company and its bondsmen are fully licensed by the state they operate in. Secondly, one must ask about the flexibility of payment as well. A bondsman must also be accessible for one’s and one’s family’s needs. After asking questions and choosing a bondsman, the paperwork must be started. Some forms will be a privacy disclosure, the bond agreement, the credit authorization form, and the document package. When filling it out, the bondsman will go through it and make sure everything is understood.

If someone else has posted the bail, Professional Bail Bondsmen need to talk to the person posting the bail to fill out the required paperwork in place of the bondsman. Contingency plans must be disclosed between the bondsman and bail poster in case the loved one does not show up. If one follows these tips, one can find the right bondman for the situation.

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