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Process of Granite Fabrication in Wisconsi

Granite has quickly become one of the most popular choices in home decor. Countertops especially have been taken over with beautiful granite designs. Getting these pieces is no easy feat, however. There is a long process to granite fabrication in Wisconsin.

Measurements – Before a granite countertop can be made, measurements first need to be taken. A contractor will come to the home to take the measurements of the countertop or other area where the granite is required. Once they know what size is needed, they can then get to work creating the granite to be used.

Choosing the Granite – Although each piece of granite will be different, a basic color scheme needs to be chosen. The customer gets to decide what color they would like for their new granite countertop. They can even request a specific type of design. The contractors will do their best to create the unique piece the customer wants for their kitchen.

Slab Approval – Once the type of granite has been chosen, the contractor will get to work finding the slab that will be used. When they are finished, they will have the customer come take a look to ensure it is what they want. If the slab is approved, it can then be used for the countertop.

Production – After the slab has been approved, the contractor will get to work on turning it into the right size and shape. It will need to be cut down to size in order for it to fit on the countertop. This is why measurements were taken in the beginning of the project.

Installation – The final step is to get the granite countertop installed. If there was a previous countertop that needs to be removed, they will work on that first. Once the final space is ready, they will place the final countertop. It will need to be sealed so it is locked in place. The seams can be covered by an epoxy color that matches the stone.

Granite fabrication in Wisconsin is a lengthy process that can take up to a few weeks to complete. It can sometimes take longer depending on the availability of the granite and the type the customer wants. Once it is complete, however, the customer will have a beautiful new countertop that they can enjoy for years to come. Anyone looking to have a countertop designed can contact Stone Innovations. They offer granite, marble, and much more.