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Preparing for the Extraction of Wisdom Teeth in Cranford NJ

Your Wisdom Teeth in Cranford NJ are the third set of molars in the maxilla and mandible. These teeth are often removed for various reasons including damage to surrounding teeth, impacted wisdom teeth, sinus issues, and inflamed gums. Extraction of one or more wisdom teeth is considered oral surgery. Depending on the complexity of the removal, you may require a few days for recovery time. To get ready for recovery, use the following guidelines.

Before you have one or more of your Wisdom Teeth in Cranford NJ taken out, ensure that you have follow-up instructions and have read them carefully. You may be too sedated after surgery to ask for them. Ask questions the appointment before your teeth are to be pulled. You can also call a member of the dental staff. These professionals can often answer your questions. Request any medications that will be prescribed be given to you before your extraction. Medicines such as pain killers and antibiotics may need to be taken before the actual surgery. This will also give you a chance to fill them early and ask the pharmacist any questions you have.

It’s advisable to have another person drive you to your appointment. Some dental practices make this mandatory. Don’t bring children with you to our appointment. Your visit will last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more. If you have small children, have someone at your home to care for them for the first day or so. You may need a caregiver yourself if the surgery is very in depth. Stock your refrigerator with nutritious food before your wisdom teeth are pulled. Mashed potatoes, milkshakes, ice cream, and instant pudding are favorable choices. Clean your home before your surgery. Also, have all your regular medicines filled beforehand. The last action you will want to take post-surgery is running errands or cleaning your home. This time should be for recovery.

Having your wisdom teeth extracted will be easier if you prepare your home. Getting your regular errands done and having someone to care for you and your children will help you save your energy for healing your body. For more information, Visit the website of, This practice can handle many types of oral surgeries.