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Popular Bathroom Tiles and Remodeling in 2014

Are you going to be remodeling a bathroom or bathroom tiles in 2014, and are not sure of what the trendy options are? There are many trends when it comes to remodeling bathrooms, and knowing which trends are going to look best in your home means that you have to have a good eye for it. You could also utilize an interior designer, allowing you to receive the highest quality bathroom tiles. Some of the more common trends for bathroom tiles and bathroom remodeling in 2014 include;

Large European Tiles

Large European tiles have become one of the most popular trends when remodeling a bathroom in 2014. The large tiles, usually with earthy tones, can look very modern and are one of the most popular choices in many bathroom remodels today. Large European tiles are a bit more expensive, but look great and should not break a budget. Take your time, and determine if large European tiles are your style, based on the existing decor within the home.

Earthy Colors

One of the latest trends is to utilize earthy colors. These colors typically include beige’s, and other basic colors that help to give the bathroom a warming feel. While the styles of bathrooms change with the seasons, earthy colors are always in and never look out of place down the line. Make sure that you have a good idea of what colors you would like to choose when choosing bathroom tile and other decor that will be placed within the bathroom.

Large Baths

Large baths have become increasingly common in bathroom remodels in recent years. While it was more popular to install a standup shower in many homes for several years, as of late implementing large baths has become increasingly popular. These can be enjoyed by the homeowner, and can also make it easier for a potential home seller to sell their home.

Eye Catching Shower Enclosures

Another common trend as of late has been the installation of high catching shower enclosures. These can include bright colors, inventive designs, or any number of different additions that can help them to stand out from the rest of the bathroom. You will find that I catching shower enclosures are quite affordable, depending upon the quality and materials that are used.

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