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Poise and Body Language Count during Job Interviews

When there are so few education job vacancies you need an edge when you finally get that well-deserved interview. Non-verbal communication can send messages during your interview without you even realizing it. Following a few tips ca help keep you looking confident and professional as opposed to anxious and uncertain.

Walking Tall

A good HR professional will be watching your every move including the way you walk towards the interview room. Be certain you send the right message by standing tall with a quick stride to keep pace with the interviewer. This will show them you are confident and looking forward to the interview which will indicate you must be suited for the position. When you walk slowly and slouched you will appear reluctant which means you lack confidence and aren’t certain you can do the job.

Firm Hand Shake

Filling education job vacancies can be a tiring experience for HR professionals who may be seeing many candidates a day. Using a firm palm to palm handshake shows confidence. Make sure you smile and maintain eye contact while you are shaking hands as this is a sign of honesty. The limp handshake shows a lack of enthusiasm and if you go over the top with too firm a handshake or worse an exaggerated hand pumping it will make you appear nervous and insecure. Avoid the hand over hand handshake as this is something best saved at funerals or when meeting a friend or colleague you have not seen in a while. In other words, it’s a little too personal.

Good Posture Counts

Your mother always told you to sit up straight and for good reason. You cannot slouch as this is disrespectful and also makes it look like you are not interested in the conversation. Do not perch on the edge of your seat as it will appear you are anxious. Instead, sit tall and maintain eye contact. Do not sit stiffly, instead sit with a relaxed stance with your head erect. Never appear too comfortable with hands behind your head or with your leg crossed in a 90 degree angle across your knee.

Leave the way you came in with confidence and a quick stride to show you feel you have a good chance and that things went well.

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