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How Plumbing Contractors Can Help Your Home or Business

Keeping your home’s or business’ plumbing system in working order is a lot like keeping your body pumping blood without interruption. Water is the lifeblood of your household or workplace, as without it, people couldn’t enjoy basic modern conveniences such as washing their hands or simply using the bathroom. Plumbing contractors can help you to not only maintain your system but also quickly tackle issues that crop up. Here at Drain King, our plumbing contractors can help you with all of your plumbing and sewer-system needs.

Sewer and Drain Problem
When you have a problem with your sewer or drain, a plumbing contractor can use the latest technology to diagnose the issue. Debris may be clogging your pipes and thus simply need to be cleaned. Or, perhaps one of your pipes is broken. A quality contractor can inspect your drain pipes and sewer using a camera to pinpoint the cause of the issue and its location. You can see firsthand what your system’s issue is and what must be done in order to fix it in the residential or commercial setting.

Commercial Lift Station Cleaning
Getting your business’ lift station cleaned is another beneficial service offered by top plumbing contractors. Bloomington, MN, contractors can regularly maintain this equipment, thus helping to minimize costs as well as increase its useful life. A lift station essentially allows a property to connect to a city’s sewer framework even if it is not close to the municipality’s main sewer line. This station serves as an elevator for waste and is designed to prevent the backflow of sewage in addition to keeping your water lines clean. A quality plumbing contractor can install as well as test and repair commercial lift stations.

Septic Tank Cleaning
It is easy to forget that your business or home septic tank exists until something ends up going awry. Toilets, sinks, washing machines and appliances all rely on a septic tank, which is your property’s chief means of waste storage. Without this tank, these parts of your home or business would not be able to work properly, and waste could not be processed outside of your business or home. Plumbing contractors have the experience and tools required to effectively pump out refuse as well as clean your tank so that it remains in top condition for years to come.

Drain King Inc. offers an array of plumbing services for both homeowners and business owners. Visit Drainkinginc.com to learn more.

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