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Planning a Vacation: Why Arranging for Dog Grooming in Crofton First Makes Sense

With the chance to get away for a couple of weeks, the planning is on for a family vacation. Rather than leave the dog at a kennel, the decision is made to take the pet along. Before the day comes to leave, make sure the pet has undergone a complete professional dog grooming. Here are some of the reasons why paying attention to this important detail should not be overlooked.

The Air in the Car is Sweeter

Choosing to arrange for a full dog grooming in Crofton a day or two before the family hits the open road will make the air in the car much more tolerable. It’s one thing to deal with pet odors in a home with a lot of square footage. Dealing with that same odor in the enclosed space of the family vehicle is another matter entirely. Everyone will be much more comfortable if the family dog is freshly shampooed, trimmed and, in general, smells nice.

Less Loose Hair

Dog owners already know that pets shed. Depending on the breed and the season, the shedding may be more pronounced. Choosing to have a grooming professional shampoo the coat and then brush out the loose hair will mean less of a mess in the car during the vacation. That translates into fewer sessions of having to vacuum the car or toss clothing into a dryer to get rid of the dog hair clinging to shirts and other garments.

The Pet Gets More Attention

A properly groomed pet is likely to get more positive attention from others. That is a plus when the family chooses to stay in a motel and the other guests are not turned off by the smell emanating from the dog’s coat. While it always makes sense to watch a dog carefully around strangers, the fact that more people will appreciate the wagging tail and be willing to pet the head will make the vacation better for the pet and for the owners.

If the family dog will be going along for the next family vacation, now is the time to contact Gambrills Veterinary and arrange for a professional grooming. Five minutes in the car will be all it takes to understand what a difference the grooming will make.