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What Are Pheromones? A Basic Guide

You may have seen pheromone products advertised in magazines or on websites as a way to attract others, but thought to yourself, “What are pheromones?” without pursuing them any further. Keep reading to get educated about these substances, and how they could improve your relationships.

Pheromones Are Naturally Occurring Substances

Animals, insects and humans produce pheromones. While attempting to answer the question “What are pheromones?” you might discover they’re classified as ectohormones. They occur naturally in the body, but unlike most hormones, these trigger behavior changes in others. They are produced during bodily responses like sweating.

Able to Alter Behaviors

Pheromones are used in nature for a variety of reasons. They’re secreted during the bonding experience between a mother and her young, and some versions tell prey to keep away from certain areas. However, humans can also apply them topically to encourage certain types of sexual behaviors, including the stimulation of physical desire.

What Are Pheromones Used For?

Now that scientists understand more about how humans produce and secrete these substances, retailers offer synthetic varieties in oil and spray-based formulas. People most often use them to attract the opposite sex, especially if the techniques they’re using already aren’t working very well. An individual might depend on them to try and get an old girlfriend back, or perhaps have more sexual partners. Since the products are usually sold in portable bottles, it’s easy to carry them in a purse or pocket.

The substances are also known to influence factors like trust, so a person might choose to use a pheromone product before meeting a partner’s parents for the first time or perhaps having lunch with a new client at work.

Easy to Try at Home

Hopefully, the information you’ve just read has helped answer the common question of “What are pheromones?” and maybe sparked your curiosity, too. The products are available to purchase through the Internet from the privacy of home, so you can try them confidently while keeping your habits under wraps. Many are made for use either alone, or in combination with each other. No matter which technique you use, pheromone products offer a quick and easy way to increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex. After using them, you may find the products change your life for the better.