Pest Extermination in Irvine is Essential for Both Companies and Residences

by | Apr 3, 2014 | Pest Control

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No matter what kinds of pests invade your home, office, or commercial location, one thing is certain: You want to get rid of them. While a bug or two can simply be smashed, an infestation requires a serious response. Professional extermination in Irvine will not only get rid of the visible pests but also eliminate the ones that are in hiding. Even more importantly, professional methods have long-lasting results so you don’t have to keep running around with the bug spray.

Pest control does more than get rid of creatures that people find disgusting. It can also reduce the threat of disease. Therefore, restaurants, grocery stores, and other businesses that deal with food are required to have a pest eradication program in place. Such an establishment can be closed down by the local health department if certain creatures are found on the premises or if there is evidence of their existence there. Roaches, rats, and mice are usually targeted by these requirements, though the presence of any sort of infestation will always be a bad sign to a health inspector. This makes it extra-important for food-handling establishments to focus on prevention rather than after-the-fact extermination.

Fortunately, preventing pests in restaurants, homes, and even warehouses isn’t hard. A specialist in extermination in Irvine will set up poison baits to lure insects and rodents to their doom the moment they dare step foot into the building. To provide extra protection against insects, chemicals will be applied where they are likely to roam or hide. Often, this will involve spraying the baseboards as well as any warm, dark crevices and other such locations. Visit us website for more information on commercial pest prevention and removal programs.

Needless to say, restaurants and other businesses aren’t the only customers who want to keep pests away. Homeowners are no more eager to see a roach or a mouse running around! People also are averse to having their houses infested with ants, spiders, and other such things. Termites are also targeted for destruction, mainly because of the destruction they will cause if left alone. Fortunately, a good pest control company can take care of household pest problems just as well as they get rid of commercial ones.

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