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Perfecting your vision with Lasik Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgeries, like Lasik, have led to many great advances in vision
correction. This type of surgery is considered minimally invasive and does
not often require post-surgery apparatuses like stitches or dressing.
People undergoing laser vision correction surgery are less dependent on
glasses or eyewear after having the surgery. Patients may need glasses for
near vision activities once they are in their 40’s.
Laser eye surgery eliminates the need for glasses

Lasik eye surgery in Detroit involves the use of a special laser to
medically reshape the cornea in order to match a specific lens prescription
with the intent of reducing (or in most cases eliminating) the need for
glasses or contact lenses. Once the cornea has been reshaped, a protective
flap will be applied to the cornea and is help in place without stitches.

Since this is an outpatient procedure, the on anesthesia used is a topical
application to numb the eye.

The primary benefits of laser eye surgery

A high rate of success:
Lasik eye surgery greatly improves the patient’s
ability to see without the assistance of corrective lenses or glasses. This
is done by successfully reshaping the cornea to mimic a specific
prescription. When compared to normal eye surgery, those undergoing Lasik
have reported increases in vision accuracy by upwards of 80%.

Decreases the need for glasses :
One of the biggest advantages of laser eye surgery is the freedom from
having to wear glasses or contacts. This means that those receiving the
surgery are free to explore new avenues that might not have been available
to them previously

Increased rates of self-confidence : There has always been a stigma
surrounding those who wear glasses. Lasik eye surgery eliminates the need
to wear glasses and can help increase confidence and improve social lives
by allowing people to participate in activities that they did not feel
comfortable participating in when they had glasses. This includes
activities like swimming, cycling, etc.

Look better and feel better with laser vision correction

After having successfully completed laser vision correction, most people
report feelings of renewed self-confidence. They are happy with their new
‘glasses-free’ look and enjoy the freedom to do activities that had been
previously out of reach to them. Lasik eye surgery comes with very minimal
risks and many, many rewards. The Eye Surgery Institute has been providing
Lasik Eye Surgery in Detroit for many years.

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