Pediatric Foot Problems in Racine, WI May Trigger Uneven Shoe Wear

The human foot is a complex part of the human body. Because a child’s feet are pliable and soft, abnormal pressure can lead to deformities. That is because the foot of a child grows rapidly during his or her first year of development. In fact, the growth is so fast that the foot reaches almost half of the size of an adult-sized foot. However, foot discomfort is not as common in a child’s feet as it is in an adult’s because of the resilience and flexibility of the tissues.

Foot Issues Commonly Experienced by Children

Specialists who treat pediatric foot problems in Racine, WI state that ingrown toenails are a common issue. Non-specific pains as the result of development often cause deep aches during the nighttime hours as well. Excessive sweating of the feet can also be a problem in older children.


One of the pediatric foot problems that can cause uneven shoe wear is pronation. A pronated foot in a child is normally painless. However, an overweight child may complain that the foot aches from time to time. Normally, when pronation is a problem, a fat pad appears in the foot’s arch that looks like a flat foot. If the foot pronates, or rolls in at the ankle, then you should see a foot specialist. While most children grow out of it, some children do not. In severe cases, orthotics may be indicated for treatment.

Make Sure Your Child Wears the Right Shoes

When it comes to pediatric foot problems, it is important to make sure that children wear the right kinds of shoes and that they fit properly. Most foot problems in children can be prevented by correcting the shoes they wear.

Children also may exhibit in-toe and out-toe walking. In-toeing is displayed by pointing the feet or foot inwards instead of walking straight ahead. Children who walk this way trip more frequently. Most grow out of the condition after a time. By the age of two, a child will normally walk with his or her feet pointing slightly outward or straight ahead. If the angle of the foot is noticeably pointing outwards, the condition is known as out-toeing. While out-toeing is not as common as in-toeing, it is a part of a child’s normal development.

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