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What Should Patients Know About Dentures In Fairfield, OH

In Ohio, dental patients acquire information about teeth replacement options from their preferred dentists. These dentists provide them with further insight into real opportunities. For some patients, finances and a reduction of coverage may limit their choices. The following is information about what patients should know about Dentures in Fairfield OH.

A Complete Examination

The dentist starts a complete examination of the patient’s mouth. They must ensure that all teeth are removed completely. They must evaluate each extraction and complete x-rays to check underneath the gum line. Any underlying conditions must be addressed, or they could prevent the dentures from fitting properly. It could also lead to bacteria growth that can lead to diseases of the mouth or infections.

Creating a Mold for the Dentures

The dentist acquires a mold of the patient’s gums for the dentures. The patient will bite down on the composite resin to produce this mold. This mold is sent to a lab to complete the creation process. The mold is used to create the base of the dentures that must lay flush against the gums. The lab creates the teeth for the dentures based on images of the patient’s natural teeth or measurements acquired by the dentist.

Fitting the Dentures

Once the dentures are complete, the patient must visit the dentist for a fitting. The dentist evaluates the way the dentures fit inside the patient’s mouth. If they don’t lay flush with the gums, a new pair of dentures is made.

Care Instructions for the New Dentures

The dentist explains to the patient how to take care of their dentures. This includes cleaning instructions and what products are most suitable for these purposes. The dentist also advises them about products or conditions that can lead to unwanted damage.

In Ohio, dental patients acquire teeth replacements through local dental professionals. These dentists provide options that meet the requirements and budgetary restraints of each patient. They provide full disclosure of all replacement options. They also present the patients with instructions for maintaining the patient’s selection. Patients who wish to acquire Dentures in Fairfield OH contact Colerain Denture Center for more information right now.