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Overhead Door – Security And Style

Overhead doors for your garage are more than just a convenience, they can add to the overall design and look of your home in many different ways. They are also highly recommended for security reasons as you don’t have to worry about getting out of your vehicle in bad weather or even when you get home late at night, you can stay comfortable and safe while getting into your garage and closing the door behind you.

Styles to Consider

When it comes to styles of overhead doors you really have a wide range of possibilities to consider. You can choose the standard designs with panels, typically six or eight, which allow the door to easily roll up. However, when you shop at a top quality door company you certainly don’t have to settle for just a standard look.

You will be able to choose from a range of different styles that may include the option to have windows in the top panel of the door, perfect for adding character while also providing natural light in the daytime hours. These windows may be referred to as car lites and depending on the size of the door and the style that you select you can have up to 16 individual windows for a very open look. There are also larger car lites that can be featured on the door either in a square shape or following the arch of the door depending on the style that you select.

Arched doors are very popular and give a classic look to your garage. Paired with a natural stain they can be rustic looking to very traditional and elegant, it is really up to you.

There are also paint grade overhead door designs that come with a primer coat of white, allowing you to select the color that you want and paint the door to match your home and house trim colors when it arrives.

Security Features

When you install an overhead door it is only natural to include an automatic door opener that will add to the security of your garage, home and for yourself. With this handy remote device you can easily enter or exit the garage and close or open the door from the safety and comfort of your vehicle.

Add to this energy efficient windows and a thick, energy efficient core and you have an overhead door that is not just beautiful and a perfect match for your home but one that will help with insulation and noise reduction all year round.

For more information on our overhead doors and features visit us online. We are easy to find at Collinsoverheaddoor.com. Find us on Facebook!

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