Organizing with a Garage Wall Storage System is an Easy Task

by | May 6, 2013 | Business and Economy

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For any person who is looking to completely organize their garage, a garage wall system may be the perfect solution. There are a lot benefits to installing this type of system in the garage. For one thing, it is very customizable. For anything large or small, the system will be able to accommodate. Another huge benefit of having this type of wall system installed in the garage is the massive amount of storage space that the system can offer. In fact, this type of wall system can be as large as the entire wall of the garage.

The Components of the Wall System

There are actually only a few components needed to create a garage wall system. The first component is the actual wall. The solution is usually used is to have a wall panel with slats. All this is, is a wall that has horizontal grooves that are spaced evenly apart. The wall panels can be as big as needed. That is the great thing about this type of system.

Once the wall panel is installed on the wall, the next step is to choose the components. The great thing about using a wall panel with slats is there are so many options available and a person can mix and match all of the components to meet all of their desired requirements. One type of component is the container box. This is great for storing a lot of small items. The top lip of the container can be inserted into the wall panel slat in order to hand horizontally from the wall.

Shelves are another option to hang on the wall panel slats. These shelves can be made of wood or metal. They are better for bulkier and heavier items. The shelves are definitely able to support more weight than the containers.

Finally, there is the cabinet. These are great for storing a lot of items of various sizes. Installation is almost as easy as the other installations. The only difference is there are actually two different edges to insert into the grooves. There is a groove at the top and a groove at the bottom, which supports most of the weight of the cabinet.

The hardest part of installing a shelving system for the garage wall is the actual wall panel itself. Even that is not all that difficult to do. The hardest part about installing the panels is having the right help to do it. The panels are a little bulky so at least one other person needs to be there to hold the garage wall panels while they are being attached to the wall itself. After that everything else just hangs on the panel.

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