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Oilfield Services Companies – The Silent Heroes of the Oil Industry

It’s no secret that the oil industry is a lucrative one. Tales of people striking oil and subsequently striking it rich are incredibly common in both American and Canadian folklore. But some of the greatest workhorses within the industry are often unsung heroes that quietly do their jobs and take home their hefty pay. Let’s take a look at oilfield construction companies, and how they play the role of the oil industry’s backbone.

What are Oilfield Construction Companies?

Oilfield construction companies – also called oilfield services – handle the bulk of the actual creation of oilfields and the harvesting of oil. Because of the changing nature of the oil industry itself, these firms are earning massively larger profits than previous generations. The straightforward tasks of drilling rigid shafts for harvesting oil has been replaced with the fine-tuned science of lay what are called strings, flexible pipes that help make one oil rig ten times more productive or higher. It is the work of these service companies that make this possible, and make the oil industry as successful as it continues to be.

Where to Find Oilfield Service Companies

There are oilfield service providers all over the world that work in conjunction with major oil companies and small startup fuel companies, alike. The highest concentration of these companies is always in states and provinces where oil is naturally plentiful, where these hardworking professionals can make the most difference with their services.

Alberta is Canada’s premiere province for all things energy, and this includes oilfield construction companies. One such business is Platinum Pipe Fitting, a provider of construction, maintenance and a host of other oilfield and natural gas services. Like other oilfield service companies, Platinum helps take those who might dream of a future in the oil industry into the driver’s seat of their career. If you’re looking to do the same, contact an oilfield services provider today, and see just how much they can do for you.