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Numerous Benefits of Sliding Doors

Most of us have seen or use sliding doors regularly, whether it is the back door separating our living space from the patio and yard or the automatic door that senses our approach and opens at the supermarket. Due to the fact that there are numerous other kinds of applications for sliding doors, and new creative uses being added constantly, sliding doors have been increasing in popularity in recent years.

One of the main benefits of having a sliding door, whether you are separating the kitchen from the dining area, or using one with a custom closet, to section off your washing machine and dryer, or as part of a home office partition, is that it saves space. In an era where efficiency is often touted as a virtue, this gives sliding doors a certain appeal to many responsible homeowners.

Other benefits include the following:

  • Unlike a swinging door, one can open a sliding door without fear of slamming it into an unseen person on the other side, or worse, having one slammed into oneself.

  • Sliding doors do not open by themselves, and will never be found to opening and banging to a clattering close, repeatedly, in high winds.

  • Sliding doors are friendlier to people who are handicapped, since they are easier to use as exits and entrances for people who must navigate with a wheelchair or walker.

  • They open up small or cramped spaces and produce a more general, open feel while maintaining privacy and sound integrity.

Usually when we think of these types of doors, we think of doors made of glass; however, sliding doors may be made of numerous types of material and in different sizes to suit particular needs. Interior sliding doors for closet space, for instance, are generally made of wood, while similar doors in structure, if not in style, may be used to cordon off certain rooms in the house to create space for privacy.

Sliding barn doors are another type of interior sliding door that can be used to accentuate the decor of a modern urban home. They can also be very contemporary, jazzy or sleek, depending upon one’s personal taste. Functionally, they are also more efficient in use of space. These types of barriers do not require the same kind of space that swinging doors would use, so they are a welcome addition in small spaces. The opportunity to use recycled and refurbished material from old structures is an additional attraction for many people.