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New Vehicle Lemon Laws Have Strict Time Limits — Protect Your Rights

Wisconsin has a lemon law statute that is intended to protect consumers who buy or lease new cars, motorcycles, trucks, RVs and SUVs that are defective and cannot be repaired within a reasonable period. It also covers demonstrator vehicles that were not previously titled to a consumer. All new cars registered or transferred in Wisconsin are covered under the lemon law statute.

What is a Defect?
A defect or nonconformity is a condition that substantially impairs a vehicle’s use, value or safety and is covered by an express warranty for that vehicle. Component parts of a vehicle are also included.

Who Does it Cover?
The Wisconsin lemon law covers consumers who suffer a defect in a new car within the first 12 months of its delivery to the buyer that can’t be repaired after repeated attempts by the manufacturer’s authorized representative. Repeated attempts to repair the vehicle would ordinarily consist of four attempts, but if the car is in the shop for 30 days or more for the same problem, a claim can be filed. The consumers that the law covers include the following individuals:

  • Buyers of a new motor vehicle that was bought from a dealer.
  • People to whom a vehicle was transferred, so long as the transfer occurs before the expiration of the vehicle’s warranty.
  • The lessee of a motor vehicle.

Consumer Remedies
Should the manufacturer or its authorized dealer fail to repair a vehicle after reasonable attempts, the consumer can elect to receive a comparable replacement vehicle or a refund, especially in the case of a leased vehicle. Collateral costs like the costs involved in the rental of a vehicle and towing are also provided for in the statute.

Although Wisconsin might have one of the more consumer-friendly lemon laws in the nation, it’s also one of the most complexed. You can contact us at to obtain more information on your lemon situation. You can use our easy contact form or call 800-875-3666. Remember that strict time limits have been put in place, so make your inquiry right away.

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