New Jersey: An Unknown Leader in Solar Power

by | Jun 18, 2016 | Solar

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New Jersey is known for a few things; Atlantic City, the Jersey Shore, cows, and other agricultural production. But did you know, that New Jersey is leading America is solar installation. That right. New Jersey is one of the state’s leading the way in harnessing solar power. For a state that has been ravished by the arms of Mother Nature, and had some governmental issues, it has not stopped their ingenuity in the environmental industry. New Jersey solar installation has flourished over the last several years, and they are not stopping anytime soon.

Major Companies Are Switching Over

There are several major companies in New Jersey that are currently using solar power either partially or completely. Johnson & Johnson, Toys R Us, and Fed Ex are just a few of the more notably companies that have opted to use solar power. Their warehouses and office buildings currently have New Jersey solar installations. This may be news to people who think only smaller, less known, or only businesses in the energy industries use solar panels, but the truth is many major companies understand the benefits of using solar power.

Some of the largest solar power installations are in New Jersey. Not only are there many businesses and homes that had solar panels installed, but there is a very large industry of manufactures of solar power products from the actual panels to the appliances that run better on solar power. The industry is working together to produce a very efficient solar energy market not just in New Jersey but across America.

Energy of the Future

Solar power is the energy of the future, and New Jersey solar installation is helping to usher the nation into its future. The best thing America business can do is look at the way New Jersey has implemented their solar programs and let them be an example of how to do solar power right.

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