Who Needs BYOD Mobile Device Management?

by | Jan 15, 2014 | Computer and Internet

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Imagine, if you will, that you are the IT Manager at a large establishment that has numerous computers, all inter-connected via a network that you administer. Not so long ago, your job was reasonably straight forward. Keep the computers “talking” to each other; allow some access to the more sensitive areas while denying access to others; control the programs that people install and use on company computers; monitor their use of the internet during working hours and place any necessary restrictions; etc.

Today, It Is A Lot More Complicated

It is amazing how many honest people think that they are entitled to something for nothing! For policy reasons you try to stop the staff from using their company email addresses for private mail and you endeavour to stop personal web browsing – not as easy as it sounds. They will still try to sneak in a quick private search or two and they all open web based email accounts and download all sorts of files which may, or may not, be safe. At best, you manage to maintain a measure of control over the computers on your network. When they are at home, people expect to have to pay for their internet usage – why do they think that they should have free use of your bandwidth (and do so in your time)?

Especially When They Bring Their Own Devices

Control over company computers is one thing, and it is relatively easy to ban staff from bringing in their own laptops; but, these days, there are so many ways that people can connect themselves, wirelessly, to the internet with devices that are not obviously visible when they come through the door. It would be totalitarian of you to ban all cell phones from your premises; on paper, you can make having their cell phones turned on a breach of company rules and using them during company time without permission would be a worse breach. However, they still do it and, with nearly all phones being internet ready these days, they persist in getting their social network “fix” or whatever during working hours. The use of “Bring Your Own Devices” is becoming a big headache for many network administrators.

While it won’t totally solve your problems, you can now invest in a sensor based system that picks up all devices in the vicinity, identifies them and can be programmed to bar their access to your network. This will give you the opportunity to practice real BYOD mobile device management. If you feel that your premises are being invaded by people trying to hitch a free ride on your network computers; then you should investigate BYOD Mobile Device Management.

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