Needing Safe Tire Repair In Sullivan

by | Jul 30, 2014 | Auto Repair Shop

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It is not always necessary to buy a new tire. Tires can often be safely repaired. Tire damage is a broad term and describes many problems. However, the most common issue that needs to be repaired is a puncture. Sharp objects like nails and screws usually cause punctures. Often, the puncture goes all the way into the inner tubing of the tire. These punctures should be repaired by a professional. They could be dangerous to drive on if not repaired properly.

Most tires have several layers. The innermost portion of the tire contains a rubber inner tubing filled with air. The plies, which protect tires from punctures, are above the tubes. Steel belts, for added protection, are above the plies. Further, the tread is located above the steel belts. If all you can see is a nail head, every layer of the tire may be affected. You will need professional Tire Repair in Sullivan. The professionals at Neal Tire & Auto Service say punctures can be fixed up to a fourth inch in diameter. If the hole is larger, the tire has to be replaced. Browse their website to learn more about tire repair.

The tire must be removed from the car for Tire Repair in Sullivan. The mechanic examines it to learn the full extent of the damage and the best way to make an airtight repair. Sometimes, it’s hard to find the puncture if a nail or screw isn’t stuck in the tire. Otherwise, fill the tire with air and float it in water. Bubbles will show up in the water around the puncture. Professionals remove the tire from the rim and place a rubber plug in the puncture with a specially designed tool. The plug goes in through the tread side of the tire. Once the plug is in place, the inner liner should be patched with a tire patch kit. Professionals are aware that some punctures should not be repaired. These include side-wall punctures and large tread punctures. It’s advisable to limit speeds on a repaired tire. Let the professionals repair a punctured tire. Trying to repair it on your own can leave you and the family vulnerable.

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