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Why You Need Search Engine Marketing Services in San Jose CA

The best way for your business to be found is no longer through a listing in the phone book or a paid ad in the newspaper – it’s online. Having a clean and professionally made website is a good start, but that is only the tip of the iceberg in terms to increasing your business exposure online and having a strong web presence. This and the following reasons below are why your business needs search engine marketing services in San Jose CA:

An Understanding of the Process

Search engine marketing is an ever-evolving field which requires one to be constantly up to date on the most state of the art inbound strategies and the latest search engine policies. Business owners often already find themselves inundated with numerous tasks, and taking on the task of learning, understanding, and implementing an effective internet marketing strategy – something often well beyond their realm of expertise – is overwhelming. By leaving the job to expert search engine marketing service provider in San Jose CA, you’re investing in not only their extensive knowledge in this complex field, but you’re also investing in their experience in the implementation of effective inbound marketing plans and strategies.

A Dominant Online Presence

There’s no question that a growing number of American adults are choosing to spend their time online rather than listening to the radio or watching the TV. A recent study produced by eMarketer in April 2014 found:

* The average adult spends 23.3% of their time on their mobile device
* The average adult spends18.0% online
* The average adult spends 1.9% of his or her time reading a magazine
* The average adult spends 1.6% of his or her time reading the newspaper

This clearly indicates the need for a business to have a dominant online presence, particularly as every year the number of Americans using the web to research companies and buy products is increasing significantly.

Measurable Statistical Outcomes

What has always stumped outbound marketers was the fact that they could never accurately predict or measure the success of their outbound marketing campaigns. What inbound marketing delivers, however, are measurable results that, when decoded by a professional search engine marketing services firm, will provide you with significant insight into your business and your consumer. The best search engine marketing services like Solution X Marketing not only extend their knowledge in SEM, but they also give you the hard numbers you need to assess whether or not you have an effective internet marketing strategy. The SEM company will arrange to sit down with you and go over your inbound and outbound marketing strategy, and together you can form a cohesive plan that will strengthen and improve your overall marketing efforts.

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